Solar Water Pump

Our solar panel system will harness the sun’s energy to bring water up and into a holding tank. From this store, the clean water is also piped directly to homes, with each household allocated a fair amount based on how many people live there. Farmers can also access the tank to water their crops and animals.

Why Solar-Powered Water System

Benefits of a Solar-Powered Water System

The benefits of a solar-powered water system are vast for developing communities. The UK Islamic Mission systems funded by you operate ecologically, making them a sustainable water well charity solution that will continue to serve communities for generations. Because of this, a donation to our Solar-Powered Water Systems appeal qualifies for Sadaqah Jariyah, as the system will provide safe, clean water to the community for years to come – making this a gift that keeps on giving, even after you have left this world.

As many communities simply do not have easy access to water, a water system will mean that women will not have to walk for hours every day for water and far fewer school days will be missed, meaning children will benefit from a better education.

The Benefits of Solar Water Pump



Solar-powered water systems offer safe water and hope for communities across the world

Ease of Access

Elevated tanks store treated water, making it easier for communities to access clean water


Solar-powered systems are sustainable for the communities that operate them.

Off Grid Solution

The solar-powered systems require no access to electrical power, meaning they can be placed in remote areas which benefits off-grid communities


Reduce Time

Solar systems greatly reduce the time it takes to provide water for people, which helps to reduce the time spent queuing.

Sustainable Future

Most systems have a lifespan of 10-plus years with minimal maintenance required, making for a sustainable solution

Clean. Renewable. Efficient.

East African Solar works on providing clean, dependable, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective electrical energy to people all over the world.