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We are a solar energy company providing consulting and solar installation. We provide clean, dependable, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective electrical energy to people all over the world in order to save our planet for future generations.

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Why Africa?

Africa is often considered and referred as the “Sun continent” or the continent where the Sun’s influence is the greatest. According to the “World Sunshine Map”, Africa receives many more hours of bright sunshine during the course of the year than any other continent of the Earth: many of the sunniest places on the planet lie there. Despite the large solar potential, penetration of solar power in Africa’s energy sector is still very low.

The Benefits of Solar Energy


Solar Energy System provide stability and independency from the grid.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Reduces your reliance on fossil fuels. Reduces your carbon footprint.


Protects against Volatility

Protects against energy price volatility allowing you to fix tomorrow’s energy costs today.

Zero Noise Pollution

Solar Energy has low visual impact and zero noise pollution.

Reduce Bills

Reducing your energy bills by up to 70% per annum.

Sustainable Future

Promotes Environmental responsibility. Contributes to a sustainable future.


What People Are Saying

“East African Solar did a wonderful job on our home on a scale of 1 to 10 as a 10. From sales, office and workmanship everything was great. We are very happy with the finished product.”

Antonio Compbell

Bath, UK

East African Solar did a great job with my installation. The staff was very professional. I would recommend East African Solar to all my neighbors – Solar has worked out great for me.

Helena Smith

London, UK

We had called 3 different companies & your office staff was the friendlies. Your salesman was the most informed and knowledgeable of everyone that we spoke with too.”

Isabella Edwards Compbell

Stockholm, Sweden

Clean. Renewable. Efficient.

East African Solar works on providing clean, dependable, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective electrical energy to people all over the world.